Refurbished Cisco Switches from the Netherlands

Cisco equipment can be very pricey, especially when you buy it new. It’s not without a reason that Cisco equipment is pricey, since it’s very solid and robust, making it easy to last long in a company. That’s why Aliter Networks from the Netherlands sells second hand Cisco equipment. Most of the equipment is refurbished, ensuring the best quality.

They’re so confident that the provide their hardware with a lifetime warranty. This includes an advanced replacement service:

  1. Call us or directly
  2. We’ll ship replacement parts directly, even before receiving your broken parts.

Aliter ships to more than 100 countries and offer 24h delivery in many countries. These countries includes US, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, and even Madagascar.

So if you’re looking for refurbished network hardware make sure you’ll check out Aliter Network’s website. You can always contact them for a custom quote.


Launch of Networking Hardware Blog

a simple blue router

Image thanks to: FreeImages


Welcome to the Networking Hardware Blog. This site covers all kind of information about networks and networking equipment, like switches, routers, VoIP devices, wireless (WiFi) technologies. This blog is registered already for a while, but today is the first day that we’re posting information. Though, we’re quite busy, we’d like to try to post a few interesting articles per year that are ‘hot’ in the networking branche.

As now, there are a lot manufacturers for network equipment, like Cisco, Extreme, Brocade, Juniper. But there are also smaller networking manufacturers, like Storage Data (from Almere in the Netherlands). We’ll give the smaller companies also exposure. If you’ve comments, don’t hesitate leaving them.

Have a nice day!